Lake Dalrymple - Fishing at its finest

Muskie, Pike, Perch, Crappie, Pickerel, Small and Large Mouth Bass

You'd be surprised at the number of seasoned anglers (Bob Izumi, Jeff "the bassman" Stewart, Mike "the muskellunge" Mitchele),  who have enjoyed sport fishing on Lake Dalrymple over the last 30 years. 

 "We've been lucky to be invited to the many angling tournaments over the years on Dalrymple.  It's nice to see that the local community continues to "catch and release", resulting in the preservation of the many trophy fish in Dalrymple" says Jeff Stewart. 

The Upper  (south) and Lower (north) sections of water on Dalrymple contributes to some of the most diverse natural fishing habitat in Central Ontario.    Species include pike, perch, crappie, pickerel, small and large mouth bass and muskie just to name a few.  In July of 2005 a local resident landed a 52" Muskie (Muskellunge) which barely fit into the livewell of his Professional Bass Boat. 

Local shops and resorts supply boat rentals, fishing licenses, tackel and bait including minnows/worms.  A public boat launch is located on Osprey Lane beside the bridge seperating Upper and Lower Lake Dalrymple. A private pay-per-use boat launch (suitable for larger vessels) is located at the Meadows End Trailer Park in the north end of the lake.

If it's your fist time fishing on Dalrymple, local charter/guides are available.  For more information contact                

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